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August 11, 2023

Boating and Water Sports Safety

Automatic $75 Violation Assessments for Boating and Water Sport Violations

Several years ago, the LSPOA Board of Directors determined that the 1st time violation of the following rules would receive an automatic $75 violation assessment.  The reason for the first 2, is that they are violations related to proof of member ownership and lake privileges prior to launching a boat.  The reason for the remaining 8 are safety issues.

4.2 All boats shall have affixed the property Owners’ lot numerals, in a contrasting color not less than three (3) inches in height.  Lot numbers shall be placed in the middle of the boat on each side thereof, clearly visible to the Lake Patrol at all times.

4.3 All watercraft must have a current permit affixed on the port (left) and starboard (right) side of the boat near the lot number or on the left and right-side windows prior to launching.  Launching is defined as having the watercraft in the water or sitting/stored on a lift on the water.  Annually, upon payment of dues, assessments and fees, members shall be entitled to purchase registered boat permits, which authorize them access to Lake Santee.  Permits will be available in five different classes depending on the type of boat.  The Board of Directors shall determine from time to time the amount of fee to be charged for such permits.

4.7 From sunset to sunrise no person shall operate a watercraft without displaying lights as follows:

  1. Motorboats and auxiliary sail boats must display a white 360degree aft light, or a combination aft and masthead light, at all times while under power or sail,
  2. Motorboats and auxiliary sail boats with engine rated 15 hp or greater must display red and green bow lights when under power or sail,
  3. Boats with engines less than 15 hp or using only trolling motors must display hand lantern or flashlight (visible for two miles) or white aft light in sufficient time to avoid a collision with any other boat. All boats when not underway are required to display a white light visible in all directions when-ever they are moored or anchored away from the dock between sunset and sunrise.

4.8 The following restrictions shall apply to motorized boats while in motion.  No person shall: 

  1. Sit on gunnels (sides) or railings of a boat
  2. Dangle feet from boat
  3. Ride forward of the safety railing on pontoon boats
  4. Stand, sit on seat backs or move about the boat if above idle speed.
  5. Drivers must maintain position at the console & not continuously stand while driving if above idle speed.
  6. Ride on the upper deck of a pontoon.

4.11 No person shall operate a power craft upon Lake Santee during daylight hours at a greater speed than is reasonable, having due regard for traffic, surface and other hazardous conditions, with no power craft to exceed the speed of 35 miles per hour.  Except that on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the speed shall not exceed 30 miles per hour.  No person shall operate a power craft upon Lake Santee from dusk to sunrise at a speed greater than idle speed.  The period from dusk to sunrise shall be determined by observing the red signal light located at the south end of the Lake.  The yellow signal provides a warning period during which you should begin to terminate high-speed operation, skiing and related activities.

4.12 No person shall operate a power craft within or through the shore zone or any cove at a speed greater than 5 miles per hour or a speed that creates a wake.  The shore zone means that water area of a uniform width of 100 feet lying parallel and contiguous to the shoreline.  The dam shall be considered a shoreline.  No wake is defined as the lowest speed possible to maintain headway and navigation.  A rule of thumb is that the wake of a boat should not move moored watercraft or other floating objects

5.1 Water skiing shall be permitted on Lake Santee from sunrise to dusk, except in the posted fishing area, beach areas and coves.  The period from sunrise to dusk shall be determined by observing the green signal light located at the south end of the Lake.  The yellow signal provides a warning period prior to a red signal, during which skiing and related activities shall begin to be terminated.

5.2 There shall never, at any time, be more than two individuals pulled by any power craft.

5.3 No skiing, tubing or other similar water sport activity will be permitted without two (2) occupants in the boat, one for spotter.  Spotters will be eight (8) years of age or older.

5.4 Any skier, tuber or anyone engaging in a similar water sport must have on his person a US Coast Guard approved type I, II or III personal flotation device.

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