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Lake Santee Women's Club

2021 Officers
Connie Adelman, President
Mary Tapke, Vice President
Valerie Collings, Secretary
Kathy Tarzwell, Treasurer

This lake organization was formed on March 27, 1974 and originally called the Hobby Club. The founder of the club was Dorothy Burns and along with 15 other women, they set out on an adventure to have fun and to raise monies to help improve their lake. In 1990, the By-Laws and Constitution were adopted and a new name was chosen, the name we use today, Lake Santee Women’s Club.

Our founders’ traditions continue through to today, and the membership is open to any woman in good standing with LSPOA, whether she is a current or former member or resident. There are no dues to participate. The meetings are on the second Monday of each month, at 11:30 am, in the community room. Our social meetings are informal with a wonderful lunch, ever changing short programs and a business meeting. The club will take day trips to different places and enjoy lunches together at different eateries in the surrounding communities.

The club hosts different social events and fundraisers, which enable us to sponsor a student scholarship, teacher grant, donations to charitable organizations in Decatur County and to our own lake community. The club has a varied inventory of Lake Santee merchandise offered for sale. All our events will be posted in the lake’s monthly publication, Smoke Signals.

office hours
Monday - Friday
9 AM - 4 PM
9 AM - 1 PM
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