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November 22, 2021

LSPOA Board of Directors - Notice of Pause on Marina Proposal

November 20, 2021

Many thanks to all the members that attended the LSPOA meeting November 10th to hear the proposal from Mike Manlick.  This proposal offered to continue to provide marina services by having some of the marina property rezoned to accommodate some building lots.

Approximately thirty members shared their views and comments.  All the comments were captured and they are posted on the Lake Santee website (

The LSPOA Board of Directors has discussed the tone of the meeting and reviewed the comments.   Many people appreciated the ‘out of the box’ proposal and there were some positive comments.  However, the board feels that majority of the comments favored no subdivision of the marina property.  And, the membership generally favored either finding a buyer that will keep the property intact and operate the marina with fuel and services or having the LSPOA purchase and operate the marina.

So, the LSPOA Board of Directors has unanimously decided to pause any further consideration of this proposal so we can diligently investigate the option of the LSPOA purchasing and operating the marina.    Given the holidays and the other urgent projects we are managing, we believe it will take 90-120 days to fully investigate the options and come to a decision.  Then we can make an informed decision whether to purchase the marina or move forward with the proposal in some modified form.

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