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December 19, 2023

Paving Policy 12/13/2023

Paving policy

The Lake Santee Property Owners Association’s Board of Directors is setting a paving policy for members to organize their neighbors to privately fund the cost of asphalt paving for a stretch of road.  The Board agrees to cover 10% of the initial cost as well as any future re-surfacing or repairs.  The 10% cost share will be offset by reduced cost from the gravel, dust control and grading budgets to be used for future paving repair/replacement costs.

Below are the steps for approval.

  1. A neighborhood advocate requests a budgetary quote from the lake manager.
  2. A neighborhood advocate must organize their neighbors to agree to a proportional cost share of the road.
  3. The Board requests a finalized quote from the paving contractor within 2 years based on the paving schedule.
  4. The neighborhood advocate requests approval from the Board.
  5. The neighborhood advocate collects all the funds from the neighbors and makes payment in full to the lake office.
  6. The paving will be scheduled with the next round of paving.
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