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August 1, 2023

Southeastern Indiana Environmental Foundation Inc

In March, 2023 a group of Lake Santee members and other nearby county residents met to create The Southeastern Indiana Environmental Foundation.  The mission of the foundation is to make water quality improvements in Southeastern Indiana.  “When it comes to drinking water, we all live downstream”.  The group wanted to focus on drinking water sources and how the activities and environmental practices in surrounding counties affect each other’s drinking water.  During the initial meeting, ideas of other environmental improvements were added to broaden the scope of the foundation’s work. 

In June, 2023 the foundation was approved by the federal government as a 501c3 tax exempt charitable foundation.  The foundation will be working with county, state and federal organizations to make environmental improvements to our drinking water sources which will result in more sustainable and more cost-effective water treatment practices.    Better stewardship of our lakes, streams and watersheds are the key to better drinking water for our community.  The foundation will be seeking tax deductible corporate and private donations from our community partners to fund these projects.


The Southeastern Indiana Environmental Foundation is a (501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, with a mission to organize, educate and take action to keep our environment sustainable for generations to follow.  It is our legacy to our children and grandchildren to unite community members from residents and farmers to industry and utility providers to improve our environment.


We work on improvements for ground and surface water in rivers, creeks, ponds and lakes as drinking sources and as recreational places.  Areas for action include mitigating surface water pollution, run off, and erosion, improving waste management practices for recycling, encouraging renewable energy projects, planting trees and vegetation in our watershed.


  • Lake Santee Creekbank Stabilization and Sediment Pond Project
  • Water Quality Workshops for Utility Operators and Agricultural practice
  • Lake Santee Community Bike and Pedestrian Parkway
  • Hardship financial assistance for area Utility members
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